How to choose your first board?

Your first will always be special to you whether it’s your school, college, mobile or your first Inflatable board. SUP’s are like complex cars, it should suit your requirement. Every paddler is different in size (height and weight) and every board is different in its buoyancy in the water, weight, nose shape, length and some other factors. It’s hard to say in general terms what exactly will help someone. In this article, we will share how shape and size affect the performance of boards. So, you can choose what’s best for you according to your need.

A longer board will have more glide than a shorter one.
It can glide much more efficiently because of its much longer in length. A single stroke will allow the board to propel much further, and the time your paddle is in the air isn't wasted since the board is still maintaining its glidelonger.

A narrower board will be faster than a wider board.
Less surface area means less friction which will make your board glide faster than a wider one with a single stroke.


A wider board will be more stable than a narrower board.
With more surface area to stand on, wider boards are more stable and give you a better shot in keeping your balance.

Some important aspects to look after:

Boards that are wider at the tail will be more stable than boards with a narrow tail.
Boards with a narrow tail will turn more quickly during surfing manoeuvres.
Thicker boards support more weight than thinner boards but there are serious disadvantages to an excessively thick board.
Thinner boards feel more stable than thicker boards when supporting the correct amount of weight.

So, if have read up to here then you must have figure it out what’s best for you?
Enjoy your day and keep paddling.

Post time: 27-05-21