Which SUP shape is best for me?

All-Round SUP

It is one of the basic and most widely used designs. An all-rounder is long and wide making it suitable for beginners who are looking for a stable and something on they can enjoy their first paddling adventure. This shape is versatile and performs a multitude of tasks well in most conditions.

They exhibit decent glide and tracking in flat water, can handle gentler open ocean conditions and also be used in a wide range of surf conditions. If you’re not an often paddler then the all-round is a perfect choice


Touring SUP

Popular for exploring inland waterways, rivers and also calm ocean conditions.

These boards are long, wide and stable. They are wider at the tail which gives more stability to the board. A narrow nose keeps the board on track. They have tie-down attachments(front & back) to secure more loads.


Race SUP

The race boards are fast in flat-water, quick and controllable enough on a downwinder and can be also used as an ocean race-board. Slightly more technical to master, they are also perfect for endurance races where you’d encounter a varying range of water conditions.

These boards are very narrow making them unstable for anyone other than an experienced paddler. Average widths range from 28” inch right down to 21” inch with an average height range from 12’ft to 14’ft.


Post time: 27-05-21