Racing Board

  • Blue Bay Paddle Board

    Blue Bay Paddle Board

    The Blue Bay 11” ft iSUP has been evolving since our inception. Built from the finest quality wood-grain woven technology drop-stitch, which means our boards are lighter, stronger, stiffer and more responsive.

    Based on our classic surf composite outline, the narrow nose does not get caught through turns, the wide standing area gives stability and pulled in the tail makes for reactive turning.

  • Blue Bay Sup Board Wood

    Blue Bay Sup Board Wood

    Touring board SIZE: 11′x33″x6″. the wide deck provide a stable, fast and interesting paddling experience, suitable for all skill levels. Our inflatable paddle boards made of the highest quality military grade MSL material(pre-laminated double layer DWF). The weight of only 17.6 pounds with a weight limit of 330 pounds.

  • Blue Bay Touring Paddle Board

    Blue Bay Touring Paddle Board

    Blue Bay Touring Paddle Board is shaped for those paddlers who are looking for longer travel, wish to go speedily and want to cover-up more area.

    The touring shape with pointed nose, narrower width and longer length will help you to keep track straight and maintain your speed.